We offer the full range of specialist 1 day short courses designed to support the practical aspects of boating.Whilst these are complimentary to the practical courses some are mandatory prerequisites before attending some of the higher practical courses.
 All of these courses are designed to support the practical elements of boating be that powerboating, sailing, motor cruising, dinghy sailing, PWC, windsurfing or Kayaking

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RYA Specialist Short Courses



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The Short Range Certificate is the qualification required by law if you operate a VHF radio fitted with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) on any British vessel voluntarily fitted with a radio. This includes both fixed and hand held equipment using International channels.

This course can also be taken as an on-line course.
The RYA Sea Survival course is designed to provide the participant with a basic understanding of what to do in an emergency at sea. It is not only educational, but
great fun and will raise your awareness of the value of being prepared in the event the unthinkable happens. Being properly trained in the use of survival equipment could help save your life
Cruising boats increasingly have radar on board and the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea state that if you have a radar, you must know how to use it.

Radar is probably the most versatile of all electronic navigation aids, but the best
results are only obtained when you know how to use all the functions correctly.

This one-day course covers all the usual first aid subjects, but from a boating perspective. It is aimed at anyone who goes afloat, whether on inland waters, rivers, estuaries or on cross channel passages.

In a medical emergency a little first aid knowledge and immediate action can save lives, especially in remote locations.
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A one-day beginners course to help you prevent and solve diesel engine failure. Mechanical failure is the main cause of rescue call-outs to cruisers. Basic maintenance and engine care will help ensure that you are not part of this statistic. Most engine problems can be avoided by taking simple precautions, and you donít need a detailed mechanical knowledge.
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