Advanced Powerboat Instructor Course

Course Details

An Advanced Instructor can teach the Advanced Powerboat and Intermediate Powerboat courses and run own boat training away from the centre’s base

This is a two day course run by an RYA Powerboat Trainer.


The syllabus for the Advanced Powerboat Instructor’s course is defined in the Power Schemes Instructor Handbook. The course content includes how to train and coach the following aspects:

  • Practical boat handling in a variety of situations
  • Daytime navigation, theory and practical
  • Navigating in darkness, theory and practical
  • Lesson and programme planning
  • Meteorology
  • Collision regulations, theory and practical application
  • Use of engines – including twin engine installations
  • Emergency situations -including search patterns and helicopter rescue
  • Boat and crew ‘management’ both day and night
  • Effective delivery of all aspects of the RYA Advanced Powerboat course

During the course the trainer will be looking for the following to be demonstrated by the candidate:

  • A well-developed awareness of safety in all aspects of powerboating
  • A thorough knowledge of the activity
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to design stimulating and challenging exercises for potential students
  • Being ‘in-charge’ of any given situation or exercise whilst allowing students to develop their own leadership skills in a supportive environment
  • Ability to assess students strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to deliver effective feedback in an encouraging, sympathetic and supportive manner

The Advanced Powerboat Instructor course is ideal for:

  • Those looking to teach the Intermediate and Advanced Powerboat along with the Tender Operator’s Course.
  • Those looking to conduct Own Boat Training outside a school’s operating area.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a RYA Powerboat Instructor
  • Possess your RYA Advanced Powerboat Certificate
  • Pass the RYA/MCA Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Competence examination, the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal (Power) Certificate of Competence or the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore (Power) Certificate of Competence.
  • Assumed Knowledge:
  • Whilst not a prerequisite you are recommended to hold the RYA Yachtmaster theory qualification. As a minimum you must have an equivalent level of knowledge.
  • You have considerable boating experience in a range of conditions, across a variety of boats in various locations
  • You have considerable night boating experience to the extent that i) You can safely manage a boat anywhere at night ii) Teach others how to do it
  • The ability to explain any aspect of the Advanced Course with ease as defined by the syllabus.
  • You are a very experienced instructor with experience of delivering many Level 2 courses. .  

Courses usually start at 0900 and will finish around 3-4 hours after it gets dark on day 1 to accommodate the night exercise. 

Day 2 starts at 0900 and we aim to finish by 1700 – please check your booking confirmation for details

Minimum duration: 2 days including a night passage

17 years old.

This course operates with a maximum of 3 students per instructor/vessel

Prices, Booking and Special Offers

£340 per person;

Book for 2 people at £325 p/p

Book for 3 people at £300 p/p

There are no course bundles for this course

What you need to bring, What’s Included and What’s Not!

  • Your certificates i.e. PBI certificate, VHF-SRC, Commercial Endorsement, theory certificates
  • Passport Photograph – essential for us to issue your record card.
  • Suitable Clothing: warm clothing ie. thin thermal layers, fleece, gloves, hat as well as sunglasses and unblock.
  • Suitable Footwear: Deck shoes, Boots, Trainers.
  • We provide waterproof clothing – if you have your own you are welcome to use your own equipment.
  • We provide lifejackets – if you have your own you are welcome to use if – it must be a minimum of 150N and have been serviced in the last 12 months.
  • Free Use of our waterproof clothing for the weekend – You are welcome to use your own equipment if you wish however they must be suitable for boating and clean and tidy with lifejackets of a minimum of 150N serviced within the last 12 months.
  • A fully serviced lifejacket – min 150N
  • Boat Fuel
  • Free parking at our Training Centre
  • Free hot drinks/biscuits at our Training Centre
  • Course Publications – Students MUST have access to these publications during the course – they are available to buy on booking:
    • RYA Powerboat Logbook (Ref G20)
    • RYA Power Schemes Instructors Handbook (Ref G19) –
    • RYA Start Powerboating (Ref G48)
    • RYA Powerboat Handbook (Ref G13)
    • RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook (G108) 
  • Lunch/Meals are not provided but we do have a small tuckshop with snacks/cold drinks for purchase, we have a cafe onsite (open 0900-1600 daily) and there are several local shops/cafes within a short walk to purchase food.
  • Powerboat Logbook – these can be purchased on booking.
  • Marina Parking – Portishead Quays Marina now operate parking charges in their car park managed through ANPR cameras. The first 15 mins is free with each hour costing £1 up to 6 hours. To park for between 6 and 24 hours costs £7. Payment can be made at the machines using coins or using paybyphone site number 79021. Failure to comply will result in a Parking Charge of £100

You should possess the most current versions of (these are available to buy when booking):

  • RYA Powerboat Logbook (Ref G20)
  • RYA Power Schemes Instructors Handbook (Ref G19)
  • RYA Start Powerboating (Ref G48)
  • RYA Powerboat Handbook (Ref G13)
  • RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook (G108) 

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