Active Marina

Ladies Day 2 – 21st July 2019

Sunday 21st July started as a cloudy day for Ladies Day 2 with us all hoping for a break in the cloud to see the sunshine. With 3 full boats eight ladies joined instructors Kath, Phil and Marc for a day of confidence building ashore and afloat activities.

Julie, Joanne, Kate, Hannah, Theresa, Lyn, Julie and Eira, all bertholders at Portishead Quays marina got to know each other with a cuppa before starting their learning with a session on life jackets, how they work and most importantly ensuring that they were correctly fitted to each person. The ladies came from a range of boats, both sailing and motor, as well as a range of experience – for some this was the first time afloat out in the channel especially on high speed RIBs.

With our life jackets correctly fitted and a brief introduction to safety equipment we got afloat in the RIBs split between the 3 boats. Afloat we went! With a high water at around 1130 we headed out through the Portishead Quays lock gate into the Bristol Channel. Ladies took the helm of our powerboats to get to grips with planing speed manoeuvres, picking up a mooring buoy and the all important recovering a Man Over Board (MOB). But don’t worry no-one really got wet in our MOB drills – we had some great efforts recovering our fenders.

Locking back into the marina we were treated to another fantastic homemade lunch by Portishead Quays Marina’ s Danielle – a great spread of sandwiches, pasta salads, continental meat and cheese selection coupled with some tasty chips and dips and yummy fruit for dessert. As well as boating skills one of the key aims of the Ladies day programme is to build friendships and build confidence so a leisurely lunch certainly helped us do that.

Our final session of the day was essential Ropework teaching our ladies how to throw lines to lasso cleats, bow line and stern line mooring techniques along with learning how to tie the queen of all knots – the bowline!

What a day! Fantastic weather, a calm Bristol Channel, eight strangers who made some brilliant new friendships, mastered some great crewing skills and boosted their boating confidence levels. Onwards and upwards Ladies!!!