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A selection of our favourite apps and websites to help with your boating

https://www.windyty.comWindyTy.Com is one of our newest and favourite weather sites offering many differnet views including wind, pressure, waves, rain – and the picture is animated giving you a great idea of the current weather and being able to forecast out to 12 days. You can zoom in and click on your location to get a more detailed forecast or you can change the altitude and select anywhere up to 13.5km high! It’s easy to change the scales into Beaufort, kts, m. km in the settings and you can even search for your exact location. A revolution in weather forecasting!,-5.361,5,menu,metric.wind.bft read more

It’s a Breezy Week! – Sharing our favourite Weather websites

We teach meteorology on most of our practical and theory courses so with a windy week forecast we thought we would share some of our favorite weather websites with you. Every good skipper should be checking the weather forecast before setting to sea and the Internet and Apps give you up to the minute weather in the palm of your hand – a far cry from the old days!! Here are some of our favourite weather websites and apps that you may want to try – but most of go please ensure that you go boating within your limits and stay safe. Click on the links for more.