Terms and Conditions

In making a booking through our online service you are agreeing in full to our Terms and Conditions for all parties on the booking. These Terms and Condition’s cover the following areas:

  • Terms
  • Cancellation of Booking
  • Payments
  • Privacy Policy and Data Protection Act 1998
  • Cancellation Policy and Date Changes
  • Insurance
  • Sale Prices

Terms: In these terms and conditions the term “company” means Compass Sea School Ltd, its Instructors or any sub-contracted person. The term “the client” shall mean each person in whose name the course is booked. 

Booking: If the company is unable to meet any booking through circumstances beyond its control, the client(s) may be offered another booking at the company’s discretion. If the company is unable to offer the client(s) or the client(s) are unable to accept such an alternative booking, the company will refund the course fee paid. The company’s liability is limited to this. The company will decide how and when any course is run and whether or not the course will go out onto the water. The company’s decision is final. All courses are run subject to minimum numbers and suitable weather conditions.

Payments: Full payment for all courses is required at the time of booking and your place on a course is secured when we receive your payment in full for the course. Payments can be made through our on-line payment system, by credit or debit card. Group bookings can be arranged through BACS transfer. In making a confirmed and fully paid for booking client (s) accept the terms and conditions in their entirety.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection Act 1998:

  • We do not store credit card details. 
  • The information collected when booking including the questions as to your health and ability will be used by us to process your booking for the course (including payment processing) and for attending to your safety whilst you are on one of our courses. This inforamtion is stored in our online booking system which is managed by Bookeo. 
  • Names and addresses of candidates for RYA courses will be shared with the RYA for the purposes of registering your certificate. 
  • Training course records will be kept for a minimum of 12 months as directed by the RYA. 
  • Training records for First Aid Courses will be held for a period of 3 years to enable re-qualification/expiry dates to be checked.

Cancellation Policy and Date Changes:

  • Cancellations for any course must be made in writing (email accepted) to the school.  
  • For RYA Interactive Coursesno refund can be made.  
  • For cancellations made28 days or greater the course fee will be refunded less £35 administration charge. 
  • For cancellations made 28 days or less no refund will be given.
  • If the client (s) wish to change course dates the company will endeavour to accommodate this request. If the company is unable to meet this request the cancellation policy will apply. For any courses that are changed within the 28 day notice period to a later date the cancellation applies to the original date. It is not possible to move a course with less than 28 days to go to a later date and then claim a refund.

The company shall not accept claims and shall not be liable at any time for claims or expenses caused by circumstances beyond its control including sickness, accident, travel delays, vessel breakdown, weather, strikes, war or civil unrest. 

Insurance: The school is insured, however the client is strongly recommended to take out their own insurance against cancellation, damage or loss of personal effects, death or personal injury. The company and its employees accept no liability for personal injury, theft, loss or damage for clients clothing, equipment and personal property howsoever caused on or off the company’s craft and within the company’s training centre. The client acknowledges that there are inherent dangers involved in all sports, especially marine training and understands and agrees to sign the booking form, holding the company, its servants, agents and employees free of any liability in the event of an accident, death, injury or damage to person or property.

Sale Prices: Sale Prices are only applicable to new bookings and can not be applied retrospectively. Sale prices will not apply for customers who cancel existing bookings and re-book using any discount codes. In this instance customers will be required to pay in full for their course and the company reserves the right to cancel this booking should full payment not be received.