Our programme of shorebased courses enables you to expand your knowledge and skills in specialist areas and are designed to support all practical aspects of boating be that powerboating, Motorcruising, Sailing, Dinghy sailing, PWC, Windsurfing or Kayaking.

They are great as stand alone courses, but also complement courses in our various practical training schemes. Click on the links below to find out more or book your course through the online booking system at the bottom of the page.

VHF Radio Training

The minimum qualification required to operate marine VHF radio equipment on a UK flagged vessel.

Study in the classroom or online and complete a formal face to face exam to get certified

First Aid Training

In a medical emergency a little first aid knowledge and immediate action can save lives, especially in remote locations.

Our courses provide a working knowledge of first aid for people using small craft and to support skippers

Radar Training

Radar is probably the most versatile of all electronic navigation aids, but the best results are only obtained when you know how to use all the functions correctly.

Choose from half day workshops to formal courses.

Diesel Engine Training

Mechanical failure is the main cause of rescue call-outs to cruisers. Basic maintenance and engine care will help ensure that you are not part of this statistic.

Most engine problems can be avoided by taking simple precautions, and you don’t need a detailed mechanical knowledge.

Sea Survival Training

Cruising is one of the safest leisure sporting activities, and 99.9% of those afloat will never use their liferaft.

However, if you are part of the unlucky 0.1% your chances of survival will be greatly increased if you understand how to use the equipment and how to help yourself.

Navigation Training

Our navigation and seamanship theory courses are designed to help you unravel the mysteries of navigation, pilotage, passage planning and meteorology.

They are great as stand alone courses, but also complement our various practical training courses.