Yachtmaster Offshore / Coastal Preparation Course and Examination

The top level commercial and leisure qualification for boaters seeking to helm craft up to 24m/200 tonnes. Run on our craft or on your own vessel.

A 4 day preparation run by a YMI to cover all aspects of the YM Exam to ensure that your skills and knowledge are at the right standard for you to undertake your exam at the end of the week.

£1250 per person

Our exam preparation course will be run by a RYA Yachtmaster Instructor who over the four days will aim to cover each of the areas that will be addressed in the exam. The exam looks at your boat handling, your understanding of all aspects of boating and navigation and particularly your ability to take command of and manage the vessel and crew.

During the course the Instructor will run sessions to help you to improve all of the tested areas and ensure that you are best placed to pass the exam. Some areas may simply be a refresher whereas others may brush up an area you have got quite rusty on, either way it is really key that you are at the right level for the exam before coming on this course as if there are areas that need material improvement then it is probable that you are not yet at the right level for the examination.

Your instructor will cover the following topics with you during your course:

  • Safety
  • Boat handling
  • General seamanship including maintenance
  • Responsibilities as skipper
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Lights & Signals

The Yachtmaster Offshore Preparation course & exam is ideal for:

  • Leisure boaters keen to achieve the ultimate qualification available to them yet who have no intention of working commercially
  • Those helming larger motor cruisers for corporate entertainment type work.
  • Boat operators keen to work in the wind farm or renewables sector helming the support vessels operating out to their operating sites
  • Those involved in construction or towing type craft and venturing offshore or on passage around the UK
  • Military or Law enforcement operators operating craft and in locations necessitating the YM Offshore qualification
  • Those seeking Boatmaster qualifications can use the YM Offshore as a route to Boatmaster
  • Superyacht crew aiming for Master 200/500/3000 type qualifications

This level of training is suitable for you if you have been boating for a number of years and have operated on board as skipper or navigator. You will need to hold the following qualifications before starting the exam: 

  • RYA VHF certificate
  • A valid First Aid Certificate (within 3yrs of the exam) 
  • RYA Yachtmaster Theory course.

Please ensure that you meet the RYA exam pre-requisites prior top booking onto this course – for the most up to date list see the RYA page HERE.

The preparation will include at least one night pilotage session so the course timings will vary.

Day one will be 9am – 5pm and your instructor will discuss the plan with you on the first day.

Start and finish times for days incorporating the night pilotage will vary depending on the season.

Minimum Duration: 4 days

Minimum age 18 years old.

Maximum of 4 students to one instructor / vessel – usually we operate with no more than 3 students.

Documented minimum sea time completed on a seagoing sailing or motor yacht (as appropriate) in the last 10 years:

YM Offshore Pre-requisites

  • 50 days at sea on yachts up to 500gt ;
  • 5 days as skipper on vessels less than 24m LOA;
  • 2500 miles on yachts up to 500gt;
  • 5 passages over 60 miles long, which must include 2 overnight passages and 2 as skipper

YM Coastal Pre-requisites

  • 30 days at sea on yachts less than 24m LOA ;
  • 2 days as skipper on vessels less than 24m LOA;
  • 800 miles on yachts less than 24m LOA;
  • 12 night hours

Book for 2 people or more and save 5% off the total price

Your exam fee is payable directly to your examiner – for the latest exam fees please see the RYA website at: https://www.rya.org.uk/courses-training/exams/Pages/exam-fees.aspx

Offshore: 8-12 hours for 1 candidate, 10-18 hours for 2 candidates.

Coastal: 6-10 hours for one candidate, 8-14 hours for two candidates

No more than two candidates can be examined in 24 hours and no more than four candidates can be examined in one 2 day session.