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VHF Radio Handbook – Paperback or E-Book

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To support both the classroom based VHF-SRC course or the RYA Interactive Online VHF-SRC Course all students will need access to the RYA VHF Handbook. With the launch of the new RYA EBook  you can now
choose whether or not you have your Course Handbook as an E-Pack or a printed handbook (by post.  The course price is the same for both e-packs and printed copies.

This is the RYA’s official title to support the  RYA VHF Operator’s Short Range Certificate course and examination. It details everything that sailors need to know about using VHF radios including how they work, the rules and regulations which govern it and the procedures that must be followed.

In helping you prepare for the test, the book links the easy-to-follow text to the syllabus to give you all you need to know to pass the exam.

The clear instruction and colourful illustrations make this complicated yet highly important subject much clearer and will help you learn the call procedures.

Whether or not you have chosen to study our RYA Interactive Online VHF-SRC course or the one day classroom course you will need the handbook to guide you through. When you book you can now choose either the paperback edition or the RYA E-book.

Paperback option  
VHF New Book

If you select this option you will be sent a paperback copy of the VHF Handbook by second class post. We aim to dispatch books as soon as we can but you should receive your copy at least one week prior to your course


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VHf EBook

The RYA have enhanced their digital editions (where possible) to bring the content to life by embedding animations, video and interactive tools to help illustrate the key points and skills from their popular books. As such these eBooks are a great resource supporting our world famous training courses.

To see a short video on the RYA’s E-Books click here or click here for more details.

Is your device Compatible?

We strongly recommend that you check that your device is compatible with the RYA Books app prior to purchase of a course that includes an ePack. The RYA Books App is designed to work on iOS devices, Android Devices, Kindle Fire, Windows and Mac desktops.

For more details click here to see if your device is compatible. We strongly recommend that you download the RYA Books app first to ensure compatibility with your device – you can download a FREE taster version of the VHF Handbook.

How do I get my E-Pack

When you purchase your VHF-SRC course (both online and classroom) you will be asked to select how you wish to receive your handbook. Vouchers containing your E-Pack redemption code will be emailed to you along with details on how to redeem it. In accordance with our terms and conditions and by their nature, ePacks cannot be returned for credit unless faulty. (RYA Shop T’s & C’s), Replacement redemption codes will only be issued to students in the case of a technical fault with the redemption site. We aim to email your e-pack as soon as we can but you should receive your copy at least one week prior to your course.